New Online Tool Helps Filter Diabetes News

Having lived with type 1 for near four years today, Gina Gaudefroy has seen her share of news stories and articles about the most recent research and technology regarding diabetes.

She had been diagnosed at age 12 when residing in Ireland, back at a time that a lot of us refer to “the dark ages of diabetes” Her sister has diabetes, along with her 21-year-old son Sean-Michael was diagnosed about four years ago.

So with all that personal and D-Mom experience under her belt, then you might see her as a “certified diabetes web surfer” of types. Yet a person who still found herself feeling helpless, buried in all sorts of information that was very repetitive and not appropriate to that which she had been specifically interested in studying.

That’s the reason Gina, who currently lives in Santa Barbara, CA, was excited to discover a personalized web service known as Medivizor to help her weed through all the news and posts.

Medivizor started in late 2012, with founders describing the ceremony as resolving the “needle in the haystack” challenge, sifting through heaps of information to choose out what you want specifically. That may be anything from advice on cutting-edge study, clinical trials, clinical trials, new therapies, medical institutions, specialists, or actually anything else that somebody’s preferences may dictate.

Frankly, we’re always somewhat skeptical of new “services” that promise to personalize health information, especially when they’re supposed to take some diabetes control or alternative health benefit. But hearing how it’s helped a minumum of one fellow PWD makes this fresh one more credible, in our opinion.

Medivizor is the inception of a 2011-founded Israeli startup which has offices in Nevada and now has about 15 employees around the world, mainly doctors and applications programmers. Among those execs is a title we have mentioned previously: Oren Fuerst, co-founder and chairman, who also serves as CEO of the young Delaware-based startup LabStyle Innovations that’s created the Dario meter.

Here Medivizor functions:

When you set up a free account online, you’re prompted to reply 10 to 15 concerns concerning the disorder you have to be able to isolate data applicable to you. That produces a profile and takes you to a “personal space” page which looks like an Inbox, composed of different filters and views for you to utilize in sorting through the data that appears. It’s possible to open up articles to read, star them, take notes, and then easily share your finds throughout interpersonal media.

The information that the service supplies is accumulated from specialist journals, among other sources. You can set your preferences to automatically send email notifications when new articles or information about research or treatments in your selected illness are printed.

Chief Operating Officer Ronen Keinan tells us that Medivizor differs from several other “personalized information” sources since it utilizes patent-pending technologies to sort through everything to get the most credible, relevant information and then ensure it is reader-friendly.

Basically, the company’s technology utilizes an algorithm to locate very specific information and then the Medivizor medical team, split up by condition, “struggles” that information through their own review and approves the outcomes. Keinan states the procedure ensures quality and also will help improve the algorithm, so far they are hearing back from consumers that 85 percent of the items are being clarified as “relevant” to people. Users may also provide written comments on the items they receive, which Keinan says goes right back into the medical team and helps improve the system.

At this early phase, the core support of personalized updates is free. However, Medivizor could introduce other services which have a cost, Keinan says. Future possibilities include advertisements to help encourage the free services, and the corporation may look at third party ventures (“bundling” along with additional subscription services) to collect earnings. No decisions on the company version have been produced however, it appears.

At this time, Medivizor supports a couple of medical conditions such as colorectal cancers care and diabetes, and breast, prostate, skin. However, it intends to expand gradually to add more conditions. While Keinan would not tell us how many users or how many asking diabetes data are using Medivizor, he says that PWD users appear to be more “quite active” and the most vocal of the individual conditions now (!)

As Gina informs, Medivizor supplied her with “some very clear refresher information about diabetes I actually wanted to be reminded about. I get caught up in the hype for a cure, so I am ever taking a look at the newest clinical trials along with that kind of information.”

A number of the best resources Gina’s received contains information on the varying genetics of type 1 diabetes, and nocturnal hypoglycemia being typical in children, immune therapy, and also a post about the significant role of glucagon in diabetes.

Gina might appear as a spokesperson for both Medivizor, however that’s not the case — she is only a PWD consumer such as the rest of us, who’s also active in advocacy. In her professional life, Gina acts as an advisor grant writer for non-profit associations. She is also included with the Sanofi-sponsored A1C Champions application as a motivational speaker, and she helped create the “Central Coast Council,” a JDRF-affiliated band for PWDs residing at the Central Coast of California.

“I’ve lived with diabetes for so long that I needed it for granted that I understood or remembered all of this crucial information,” she tells us. “It’s refreshing to receive clear, precise and easy to read data which pertains to my diabetes”

Truly, the support sounds like peer-to-peer advocated information and that’s a valuable type of source to get. Besides Gina, breast cancer survivor/blogger AnneMarie Ciccarella has also given Medivizor a glowing review, gushing:

“THEY staged throughout the 220 million strikes and THEY locate the items that are recent and pertinent to MY life.     It’s a personal connection. Medivizor along with me. An email notification that you will find articles that I could discover pertinent directs me to my page where I will read the report. No headlines.     Just facts.     Medical facts.     From medical journals.     I can highlight sections that I find to be of specific attention, make notes on what resembles a post-it and let them know if the post was helpful, or perhaps…. And this is simply the start.”

Here’s Medivizor’s promotional video explaining the value they provide:

Can Medivizor be the upcoming major thing for finding information concerning medical conditions — substituting “Dr. Google” that’s so often the very first spot brand new patients turn to when finding out about a new health problem? Maybe. Maybe not…

However, from those ancient endorsements, notably that of a respected fellow D-peep, we’re at least supported that this support may be of assistance.

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Written by on Jun  19,  2017