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The Makerere University Vice Chancellor has explained that the university hasn’t abolished evening classes the day program was devolved to the various Colleges to choose how to manage it, although as several news outlets have reported.

The Vice Chancellor predicted a news conference at which he declared major changes in how his new government will run the biggest institution of high learning of Uganda. He declared the implementation of the day program would be assessed and that the provision of foods from halls of residence as well as also the staff incentive package would be abolished.

Prof Nawangwe had explained to the press that the foundation of these changes in day classes was financial, since they were weighing on the university’s already meagre resources yet generating less capital.

The statement sparked serious debate from the public realm and inside circles of the teachings team, a few questioning evening classes, how enrolls working students and the university which is confronted with course centers would scrap.

Yesterday, the University tweeted; “that the rumour that day programmes are abolished isn’t true. All day programmes will last normally”.

Prof Barnabas Nawangwe recently explained Colleges within Makerere which fulfill quotas on day and day programmes will be permitted to run day schedules and “they will probably be responsible for managing such programmes, including paying the lecturers and other staff who manage those programmes”.

“Colleges which choose to conduct daytime programmes will lead only 20 percent of revenue to the Centre to appeal to central actions,” he included a rejoinder statatement throughout his Twitter.

He says that due consultations with key stakeholders were first created before the Council resolution and the conclusion was the very best for those who do not and for those who would like to keep on.

The University states that now that nobody is going to be required to teach over 12 hours on the day and day programmes, the issue of day lecturers requiring additional pay won’t qualify.

In accordance with Management, the new reforms will eliminate and attract invention back to the colleges.

Reviewing of the day program followed conclusions two months ago by lecturers in the Faculties of; Law and Journalism at Makerere University to stop teaching citing the failure by the Management to cover their incentive allowances to .

The lecturers argued they were confronted with a lot of working and workload beyond the Public Service period (5pm) but without the extra payment.