Online playtest Now + development Upgrade [DevLog] news

Epicinium is a multiplayer strategy game in which the players’ impact on the environment issues. Combat destroys grass and plants, and trees have been trampled as tanks push towards your competitor to level their cities. Industry hastens global warming to ludicrous levels, resulting in more devastation the longer the game continues. In the end of the game, the winner is still shopped for how many grass and forest tiles still stay about the map.

Epicinium playtests on Saturday from 20:00 to 00:00 GMT. The next one will start in 6 hours by submitting. It is always a blast, and we’re looking for more participants, so I truly hope you’ll join!

This week, we attempted to figure out what’s causing the rare dropped TCP relations. After a lot of fiddling around with Wireshark and tcpdump, I concluded that the problem is in the transport layer or deeper. I have contacted our server host to reach the bottom of this. Fortunately, the problem does not occur that frequently, but it is annoying when it does, obviously.

Meanwhile, the work continues on audio. I have drafted some compositions for the name screen, but I have not yet completely captured the right vibe for the game. I hope to have something prepared for you to listen to shortly.

Following our previous introduction video, we recorded a new gameplay movie, in which SLiV9 and I try out different strategies against every other. Let’s know what you think!