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Online Courses and Degree Programs in Tax Accounting

Critical Information

Tax accounting programs, available in the associate, master’s and bachelor’s degree levels, supply students with a fundamental comprehension of the nation’s legal system and its application to personal and company taxation. Prospective tax attorneys may earn a tax accounting diploma online or via hybrid plans that allow students to take a blend of on-campus and online courses.

Online degree programs require entry into the institution. Undergraduate students have to have a high school diploma or the equivalent, along with placement test scores. Because programs in accounting are intended for professionals, potential students often require a specific quantity of job experience and must have a bachelor’s degree. Applicants to a master’s plan might need to take prerequisite accounting courses whether their degrees are in an unrelated field.

Coursework by Degree Level

Distance learning accounting students typically work and communicate through e-mail, instant messaging and chats. Online classrooms include tests, assignments and lectures for students to access in their own time.

Associate’s Degrees

Online tax associate’s degree programs prepare students for an assortment of accounting professions in non-profit associations, authorities, business and professional accounting companies. Following the identical program as on-campus students, online students understand concepts and practices, as well as fundamental principles of accounting associated with reporting income, assets, liabilities and equity on financial statements.

Course Topics

Students in a Standard online associate diploma in taxation accounting program may take accounting courses and the business:

  • Finance
  • Business Law
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Accounting Principles
  • Information Systems

Bachelor’s Degrees

Graduates of tax accounting bachelor’s plans are ready for an assortment of jobs in the accounting field, such as financial advisor, loan officer, price estimator , personal financial adviser, tax examiner and auditing clerk. A standard 4-year online tax accounting application offers intensive study in the accounting area and prepares students for graduate studies in other regions; but a bachelor’s in accounting won’t satisfy the requirements for the national certified public accountant (CPA) examination. Tax accounting students who wish to become certified public accountants should intend on following a master’s level.

Course Topics

Besides general studies courses, students enrolled in online taxation accounting programs that are undergraduate study audits and statements, price processes and reports. A Normal bachelor’s in taxation accounting program may include the following courses:

  • Private Taxes
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Business Taxes
  • Accounting Professional Ethics
  • Auditing for Fraud
  • Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investments
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Quantitative Business Methods

Master’s Levels

Pupils enrolled in online master level programs learn how to draw on their detailed knowledge of accounting and taxation to make sensible decisions that are tax-related. Further, the students are eligible to sit for the national CPA examination.

Course Topics

Courses for students may include:

  • International Accounting
  • Accounting for E-Commerce
  • Concepts of Federal Income Tax
  • Advance Analysis and Applications of Accounting Data
  • Advance Accounting Information Systems

Online undergraduate and graduate programs in taxation accounting supply precisely the exact coursework . Thus, students in associate degree programs get an overall introduction into the field, those in bachelor’s degree programs delve deeper into business topics that are more complex, and master’s level programs offer the final advanced coursework needed to prepare graduates for your CPA exam.

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