Online Backup Solutions: Online Backup Advantages

Online Backup Advantages

You’ve probably asked yourself “why should I use an internet backup site when I can just create backups with CD’s on on my hard disk?” Here’s somethings that you think about:

Benefits of Online Backup over conventional backup methods:

  • Online backup doesn’t require user intervention. The consumer doesn’t have to change tapes, tag CDs or play other manual steps.
  • Online backup maintains data offsite. Probably the most essential aspect of backing up is that backups are stored in a different location from the original data. Backup requires manually carrying the backup media offsite.
  • Data storage abroad could be a benefit also.
  • Some Internet backup services will operate alwaysand backing up files as they’re changed.
  • Most Internet backup services will use a 128 – 448 bit encryption and delivered shrinked data packages via a https link.

Cons of Internet Backup?

Just one to consider. Whenever you are restoring a very large backup, say 100 GB, then it can take a while to get it. That doesn’t happen that often. And with well written applications you can start the restore at 5:00 PM and return the next morning ready to start to get the job done.

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