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New online wave and tidal Matchmaker Heartbeat plays cupid

Picture: Shutterstock/ELN

Wave Energy Scotland (WES) and National Subsea Research Initiative’s (NSRI) online ‘Matchmaker’ database has specifically been designed to help companies locate other organisations with the expertise they’re searching for and highlight their own credentials.

The support is split into various topics: operations and maintenance, subsea structures, installation, systems, health and safety and environmental impact.

The hub would be to be helpful for a intricate landscaping research project currently being commissioned by WES, which will be very likely to require more than 1 supplier.

Gordon Drummond, Project Director of NSRI said: “The tide and tidal industries tend to be less mature in their own contribution to energy generation as a result, they are currently more expensive than traditional creating assets.

“This source presents a huge opportunity for subsea distribution chain businesses to adapt their technologies and techniques to support the growth of large-scale tidal and wave power farms”

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